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Faith in humanity restored! Never judge a book by its cover! 

fuck yeah

These guys are some of the most amazing people.

Art trade with the amazing shadowenza 

Took forever since I haven’t been on BUT HERE IT IS!!!



Hello everyone!

I recently hit 3k+ followers and it makes me so happy and honoured that so many of you would follow me { despite my terrible inconsistency in posts and absences ;; }.

So as a thanks, I’m organizing a print giveaway!


  • you must be following me, since this is a giveaway for my followers.
  • no giveaway blogs, and if you follow just for the sake of this giveaway you will have a very, very sad frei on your hands.
  • 1 reblog and 1 like per person.
  • you should be okay with giving me your address because how else will I get the prints to you? ;u;


There will be two winners, and each will receive 6 prints of their choice, where one 3-foot print will count as 3 prints, plus 5 keychains of their choice.

Prizes can be found here.

I ship worldwide!

The giveaway will end March 23rd.



this ends next week! just in case












If you see something like this, DO NOT CALL AN EXTERMINATOR!

Call a beekeeper, they can relocate the hive instead of killing them. Bees are dying at an alarming rate, please do not contribute to that! They are so important for our ecosystem!

yo fuck this i aint gonna call no beekeeper i’m moving before i’m dead

I’m going to call an exterminator so the exterminator can kill them. I’ll be able to sleep at night knowing that there are less bees in the world.

No bees = no food.

No food = no life.

Congratulations on destroying the world.

Because you seem to not understand that bees pollinate flowers and literally bees are the reason we have food.

Did you guys even watch bee movie

you really really must call a bee keeper!

My family’s house had it’s entire attic taken over by bees one year. They slowly started appearing in the house, and then they were everywhere.  We called a bee keeper, and he removed what he said was the largest domestic honeycomb/bee nest he’d ever seen.  I was so terrified I’d gone to stay with a friend.  My folks called me to meet the bee keeper, and he led me on the most magical journey through the house.  He explained the bees were harmless if you move calmly through them and don’t swat at or harass them.  He was only stung once because he accidentally put his hand down and smooshed one.  The bees landed on me, walked a bit, then buzzed away.  All honey combs and bees were safely removed and relocated.  Call a bee keeper, they are awesome!


And at any rate, exterminators should be aware of the importance of bees, and redirect you to a beekeeper to help you out.
of course always happens.

So I hate team projects when you can’t pick. I get put with a guy who does nothing and its his band we are doing a speech on. I hate that music and I thought hey i’ll be nice and let him choose something he likes so I will not have to worry about him not doing his part. well I guess wrong and had to contact the professor and tell her I been trying to get him to give me info over email since Monday and got nothing. I need to do homework the day it is signed out or get started. well now I have an anxiety attack and now she is letting me do a speech on my own. =u= so guess who is doing a 7-10 min speech on bioshock. 

Why can’t people do homework the night it was assigned instead of last minute?

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Posted 1 month ago with 1 notes - Reblog?

I am doing an art trade with one of my favourite SFM artists shadowenza. This is her piece getting finished slowly due to a lot of personal things. I had to restart this like 3 times because open canvas wanted to crash so I used artrage brush tool for a different out look than what I am use to.  OAO I am soo sorry for this taking longer than I intend. 

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Posted 1 month ago with 2 notes - Reblog?
Filed Under: #Shadowenza #WIP

I think today may be her last day as a physical form, she will soon be my little angel. 

Chi is not doing well, she stopped eating drinking and sleeps all the time. She whimpers a bit in pain with sudden movement. She is weak and lost a lot of weight. I am not sure but I may have to put her down if she holds on much longer with her pain. This is the hardest choice but I can’t stand seeing her like this. 

This photo is old but my fav of us. 

My little princess. I will always love you. 


this is so funny though..